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Historic preservation CAN and SHOULD happen right alongside neighborhood revitalization.  Rehabilitating historic properties renews our appreciation for quality building standards, the pride of ownership, respecting our neighbors and living well within our community!  

This we believe.

Our History


"We CAN balance growth and retain history!"

Our Board


Bios of our Board Directors COMING SOON!

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Suzanne Sharpe, Founder & President
BBPG, Inc.

"I will SAVE this house!"


"It takes a special type of crazy to go out on a limb like we did."

Our History

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Building Blocks Preservation Group began in early March 2019 because one woman, Suzanne Sharpe, asked: “Why?”  


Why would city officials of Historic Medina, Ohio even think of demolishing an 183-year-old home to add parking spaces to a fairly underutilized side street city park?    


No one else had seemed to realize the “parcel” in question held Sophia Huntington Parker’s Farmhouse. Perhaps the look of a plain white Greek Revival set back from the road was not Victorian enough to be noticed.   Some thought it old, but not “historic.”  Many were complacent, saying, “It’s too late, plans are in motion.  This will be just another piece of our history demolished and forgotten.  We’ve lost so MANY already!”


This is NOT okay.


Quiet acceptance is approval.  We cannot keep losing historic homes – tangible pieces of history – or we risk eradicating proof of that past.  


Why is THIS house so important?  Historic homes are *all-important* relative to our personal how-we-got-here stories.  In this case, Peter R. Huntington was one of the early “pioneers” out of Norwich, CT to scout land in Medina County.  After several visits to survey the area, Peter purchased 100 acres just outside of the county seat, Medina Village, in the early 1830s.  He chose to marry wife Jane Simmons and raise his family on this land. There is evidence of his home on a plat map in 1834, and on tax duplicates by 1840.  Currently, this simply-but-strongly built one-and-a-half-story farmhouse is one of the top five oldest standing homes in the city of Medina. 


Unfortunately, local history is not widely known across the city, despite Medina’s “small town” reputation or designation as a Certified Local Government (CLG) with the State of Ohio’s Historic Preservation Office.  Many are unaware of the rich legacies all around us, in our historic neighborhoods, embedded in the walls of quiet homes.  Unfortunate older structures that lie vacant or unattended too long fall into a cycle of neglect that, if ignored, becomes too large of a burden to repair.   A public charity like Building Blocks is needed to raise awareness and educate the local public to recognize, respect and revitalize these historic resources. When buildings are demolished, its stories are torn down with its walls.  We intend to support the local community in preserving these homes before they fall to disrepair and to help save the ones that are falling.


The name “Building Blocks Preservation Group” signifies that we each have our unique “block” to contribute to the building of a campaign or program.  This effort will take an assembly of resources to save HISTORIC resources.  Each member of our Board, for example, has a special talent to contribute.  By giving of ourselves we set an example for the community to follow and support.  We hope you join us in our effort.   What do you have in your heart to give?   

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We are dedicated to preserving the past for your future.
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