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Your Historic


Working Partnership 



We all desire an economically vibrant Medina Square, now and in the future.  Our signature program, “Your Historic Home,” will build better neighborhoods and better lives through homeownership, contributing

to the vibrancy and stability of our town.  


We are the only non-profit currently combining historic preservation, home rehabilitation and neighborhood revitalization into one program – all while promising to partner with key organizational leaders like Main Street Medina and the Medina Community Design Committee.  



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  • For Building Blocks Preservation Group, a local nonprofit charitable corporation, to provide a hands-on, workable mechanism to help potential homeowners afford owning a rehabilitated historic/heritage home in the 10-block “inner core” of Medina Square. 


  • To preserve, save, restore or rehabilitate “quietly” historic homes like the Sophia Huntington Parker farmhouse.   Pair ownership opportunities with a motivated, committed partnering individual, couple or family, who feel invested in Historic Medina, wish to become stewards of history, understanding they will own a tangible piece of the Medina Village fabric. 


  • To partner with other groups (Medina Community Design Committee, Main Street Medina, Historic Preservation Board, the City of Medina, etc.) to increase the viability and reach of the “Your Historic Home” program, as well as helping them to preserve the affordable housing stock by increasing the number of owner-occupied “like-new” houses.


  • To complete each home with proceeds to be immediately invested in the next identified project, thus improving the quality of life and the condition of “Medina Village” housing stock, one home at a time.   


  • For Building Blocks Preservation Group to become a respected City “leader” in the “inner core” community revitalization movement and a solid partner in efforts of historic resource preservation.





Any individual, couple or family pre-qualifying for an appropriate mortgage relative to the current project, based on their income and balanced against the amount of “work equity” he/she/they are willing to undertake to reduce the final cost or earn toward their down payment.  Invested in partnering with nonprofit project volunteers and contractors to make personal choices of interior and exterior elements of “their” historic home, personalizing the venture from start to finish.





Dedicated to living in one of the neighborhoods within the 10-block “inner core” of Medina Square; willing to honorably agree to maintain the quality of their home, to the standards of an historic neighborhood district, and to the extent possible play an active “neighborly” role, as a steward of history and citizen of Medina.


What is “Your Historic Home” program?  

This is a very special new working partnership between Building Blocks Preservation Group Inc. (BBPG) and a qualified future homeowner who desires to own and live in a rehabilitated historic/heritage home within the 10-block “inner core” of Medina Square.


What is a "Working Partner”?  

A Working Partner agrees to work a minimum of 350 hours, on-site, in tandem with BBPG, rehabilitating the house he/she/they intend to make their own.  These hours will be banked as “real down payment dollars” to be used at purchase time of the house.


What is the main benefit for the “Working Partner(s)”?  

Homeownership for a family, couple or individual who might not otherwise be able to afford a market-rate restored home; owning What is the main benefit fora 184-year-old tangible connection to an original pioneer family of Medina. 


How does this program benefit Medina?  

Single-family homeownership revitalizes communities; maintained homes increase home values.   Plus, when an older, heritage home is saved in the process, we all win. 


Is there an application process?  

Yes.  Applications are now being accepted for a Working Partner for our current project home, the Sophia Huntington Parker Farmhouse, located at 529 W. Friendship Street, Medina.  Applications will be accepted until a viable candidate(s) is selected. 


Can anyone apply?   

Yes.  BBPG does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or sexual orientation.  We are an equal opportunity organization, willing to partner with those equally invested in protecting local historic resources.  Working Partner(s) must be pre-qualified and able to pay an affordable mortgage.


What if I’m not sure about staying in Medina?  

Qualifying for this program requires commitment – of time, hard work, and desire to make Water Tower Historic Neighborhood District, of the inner-core of Medina Village, home.  Applications will be reviewed by Board Directors of BBPG, and motivation is a key minimum qualification.


How much will all this cost?   

The final purchase amount depends totally on partner-directed choices relative to restoration and building elements.  For example:  if a partner is restricted to a $145,000 mortgage (example only), rehabilitation efforts will be structured to fall below that limit.  BBPG will make every effort to off-set construction costs by seeking community and business donations.


As a nonprofit charity, what does Building Blocks bring to this partnership?   

BBPG provided front-end financing for the historic relocation of the Huntington House.  Community donations built a good portion of the foundation.  Board Directors will continue to pursue cash gifts as well as in-kind donations of time and materials to offset rehabilitation costs involved.  Keeping costs low ensures that the Working Partner may obtain an affordable mortgage.  


Does anyone from BBPG personally profit from this program?  

No.  Nonprofits cannot earn profits.  BBPG’s Board of Directors is made up of volunteers only.  


What happens after rehabilitation work is done?  

The Working Partner(s) will officially purchase the home.  Going forward, they honorably agree to upkeep and maintain the quality of their home to the standards of a historic neighborhood district, and to the extent possible play an active “neighborly” role, as a steward of history and citizen of Medina.


What’s next for BBPG?  

Community support now is vital to ensure our success going forward.  All donations to BBPG will be used directly to fund construction of the foundation and rehabilitate the Huntington House.   Proceeds remaining after the home’s sale will be immediately invested in the next identified project, thus improving the quality of life and condition of “Medina Village” housing stock, one home at a time.

Coming Soon!


To apply, please contact Program Manager Skip Baran

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